Guys and Dolls Reflection

I finished working on Guys and Dolls at Fairport High School this past weekend. I shouldn’t actually consider it done yet, as the set is still on stage in need of deconstruction. That will be a depressing day when I have to take apart a true masterpiece.

Andy Cooper and the set crew build an absolutely amazing set of pieces for this show. An amazing looking Save-A-Soul Mission which rotated to reveal the interior of the mission. There was also the ROXY Theatre that rotated to reveal a part of the sewer. Then, there was Nathan Detroit’s ’47th Street NewsstanD,’ which turned 180 degrees to show us another part of the sewer, including a ladder for entrances from the ‘street.’ There were also two lighted signs, as well as an 8-foot brick flat that acted as the top half of the Save-A-Soul Mission.

This set is most likely the best one I’ve ever worked on, and will work on in a long while. Andy Cooper, Mark Northrup, and I, as well as the crew, truly poured their heart and soul into this one. It’s amazing how depressing how unoccupied my time seems, although I am helping with another show, it’s nothing like Guys and Dolls. Guys and Dolls has become a unicorn for me, if you will. A show that can only really be seen once, if ever, and it’s very hard to get there. We build the unicorn from the ground up. Amazing job, everyone.