My Childhood Is Slowly Ending Before My Eyes

Well, I move to Emerson College in Boston in about 100 days. One of my good friends got me thinking last night, that we really don’t have much time left in Fairport, not much time left with friends that we’ve made years and years ago that we’ve seen every day in our small town. Many are leaving for college, but it seems like a large percent is going to Nazareth College or RIT, which are both great colleges, they’re just really close to home. The Class of 2012 is going to be split up all over New York State, and all over the country.

Senior Ball is tonight, my last school dance. There was always another school dance, to be yourself in a crowd, and to be dumb with your friends. Well, tonight is my last chance to do that, and it’s a depressing feeling.

In less than a week, my last choir concert will take place. I’ve been singing in a choir since the 3rd grade, and when I move to Emerson, I’m not going to have that chance. I’m going to a college filled with other performing arts majors, whom are more than very likely to be able to sing better than myself. Well, I always have the shower.

I’m also going to miss the awesome staff at Fairport High School, and some great friends I’ve made over the years. The teachers in the music department, especially Tara Switzer and Jim Jefferis. Theatre Teachers Mark Northrup and Keri Griffith, English Teachers, History Teachers, Politics Teachers, the list goes on. I’ve only had a couple teachers at FHS that I truly dislike. I hope my sister doesn’t get any of them.

I’m also really going to miss my family, but I have more time to spend with them. Not immediately worried about the homesickness.

Graduation is in about 32 days. Let’s make the most of it, folks.