FHS Music Department Trip to New York City

Just returned from an amazing vacation with the FHS Music Department. Historically known as “The Band Trip,” students involved with Band, Choir, Orchestra, or any way with the music department had an opportunity to take a bus tour to New York City this past weekend. It’s always looked forward to by many students. This year was the first opportunity that the choirs had to go on the trip, and boy, am I happy they made this decision.

Starting out with last Thursday. We arrived at Fairport High School at 5:20 in the morning to await the arrival of 5 motor coaches. We then drove to Hoftsta University, but not without a broken down bus in Pennsylvania of course. There were many students and bags jostled around from bus to bus, but we all made it there (an hour late). The polyphonic choirs then had an amazing 1.5 hour workshop with Hofstra’s newest conductor (and nobody can remember his name). After that we had the opportunity to dine in Times Square and see a broadway show. I saw the new musical Ghost.

Ghost is an absolutely amazing show, very captivating. The show’s set is comprised of 3 large LED panels that move on hydraulics to produce different scenes. The lighting was mostly video projection and followspot, which annoyed me a little, but I got over it. The amount of fixtures in the grid above the stage exceeded any amount that I’ve seen anywhere else, including pictures from touring rock concerts. There must have been over 300 fixtures in the house and on stage. The show is a classic love story with a real twist. It’s based on the movie. The boy is shot, but his ghost remains, and he talks through a psychic fortune teller to try to save the life of his girlfriend. An amazing story and so beautifully done. The show did end 45 minutes late due to technical difficulties, but it was well worth the wait.

The next morning, we drove back into the city from our hotel in beautiful downtown Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey to a lovely modern church off Avenue of the Americas. There we listened to 1.5 hours of jazz music. Very modern, fast jazz music. It was pretty boring for most, but I found it interesting.

After that we had 4+ hours to explore the city, wherever we wanted. My group of friends decided to go back to Times Square, and then uptown to Dylan’s Candy Bar. We spent a lot of time on the train because Matt couldn’t remember where Dylan’s was. We made it in one piece back to Rock Center where we did a little shopping. Back to the hotel to change, then off to the boat! Man, we love boats. The group then was on a Spirit Charter Cruise on the Hudson River for a number of hours. There was food and dancing, but most importantly an AMAZING view of the New York City skyline at night. I have some amazing pictures on my Facebook page, if you want to check those out.

The next day we saw Ellis Island, which was really boring, and South Street Seaport, which was also pretty boring. A mellow day with LOTS of travel and traffic. Made it back to Fairport by 10:30.

An amazing trip, I recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to go.