Goodbyes, scratch that, See You Laters

Today was a very very difficult day for me. I helped move the love of my life into her dorm room at Nazareth College today, here in my hometown. On Saturday, I leave for Boston and my new home at Emerson College. For the longest time, I was always looking forward to going to Emerson. Now, I’m dreading the day I have to leave and not come back until Christmas time. I have to leave all my friends and family behind to go do what I love.

Although I didn’t need to go to Emerson to get the education I needed for my profession, Emerson is definitely the right school for me. I love Boston, and being in the big city. Emerson’s program is top-notch too. The job placement percentage from my major is as about as high as you can get it.

I love you Fairport. I love you Rachel. I’ll be back soon.