Emerson College

Well, after today, I have been to 2 days of class. (4 different classes). I don’t know what to think so far. As a Design / Tech major interested in technical direction and a little lighting design, I didn’t think I’d have to create anything that would be strictly classified as ‘fine art.’ I guess it’s just part of the learning process here at Emerson.

The classes are really really reasonable here. I’m only taking one class that is not directly related to my major this semester. Everyone at emerson is required to take ‘Intro to College Writing’ (WR-101). Otherwise, I’m taking ‘Languages of the Stage’ which is a required class for every student in the performing arts department, ‘Stagecraft: Properties Construction’ which is finding and making props; this class also includes water on stage, blood, some aspects of business, and much more, ‘Stagecraft: Electrics,’ which I haven’t been to yet, but I’m guessing that’s lights, ‘Drafting’ and ‘Rendering’ which is fine art in the Rendering class and technical drawings in the drafting class. I’m going to enjoy the drafting class a lot.

Things are ramping up pretty slowly here at Emerson. Can’t wait to get my crew assignment as well as a job working a local or student run show.