iOS 6 Rolls Out Tomorrow

Good evening all. Just wanted to talk a little bit about iOS6 and its release tomorrow. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, iOS is the operating system your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch runs on. iOS6 is the sixth rendition of this operating system, and it brings some new features and improvements to all three devices. For those of you without an iOS device, stop reading now.

I just wanted to share some of the lesser known things that you might enjoy in iOS6.

Sure, there are the big things that Apple has been promoting on their website. These big things include drastic improvements to Siri, the new Maps application which features maps created specifically for iOS and more importantly; turn by turn navigation, and Passbook which is like a digital wallet for your iPhone.

There are a couple other things that Apple has added to the new version of iOS that may be useful to know about.


  • Apple has made some significant improvements to mail. The ‘pull to refresh’ option that was originally introduced by an application known as “Tweetie” a few years ago, Apple has integrated this functionality into mail. You may know this feature from the Facebook application.
  • VIP Inbox: You can now have VIPs in mail! If you’re always missing emails from family, friends, coworkers, and other important people, this is the feature for you. In settings, you can enter specific email addresses from your device’s contacts to be classified as a VIP. After you’ve done this, they get their own separate inbox in mail called the VIP inbox. This may come in handy!
  • Shortcut to drafts: If you have a lot of email accounts, finding drafts of emails can be a pain. A shortcut to your drafts has been added to the sidebar.
  • Previews for the App Store: If someone sent you a link to an app via email, Mail will now show you a preview of the app from within the mail application. You still have to be taken to the app store to download, but still pretty cool.
  • Dedicated Signatures: If you have multiple email accounts set up on your devices, for instance, I have 5, I like to have separate signatures for each, especially my school email vs my personal email address. Before, you could only set one signature for all email accounts on your device. Now, you can write personalized signatures for each account.
  • Inserting Images or Videos: Long pressing wherever you’re typing will now give you the option to insert something from your camera roll.

App Store

  • Apple has updated the look and general feel of the application. It looks really slick.
  • Stay within the app: When you download an application in iOS5, App Store would normally close and take you to the app on the home screen where it’s downloading. Now, when you download an app, you get to stay in the App Store with an awesome little status bar.
  • No Password needed for updates: If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. No longer need to enter your password for updates to applications
  • New SEARCH: Apple has reworked the visuals of searching for things. It’s also pretty slick.

iTunes Store

  • Who uses the iTunes store? Okay, well, I’ll talk about it a little.
  • New look just like the app store
  • No more podcasts, they’ve been moved to their own separate application known as “Podcasts” which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


  • As much as I feel like you should be using Google Chrome, safari has some improvements.
  • Sync your tabs between your laptop, iPhone, and all other Apple Products running the latest version of the software (Mountain Lion, iOS6).
  • Offline Reading: Now you can save webpages to read them later when you’re offline
  • Full Screen View


  • That’s right, they’ve updated the phone app. It’s a pretty nice update, actually.
  • “Reply with a message:” Now, when you can’t take a phone call because you’re busy doing God knows what, you can ignore the call and send one of the pre-written text messages Apple has provided for you automatically. Just slide up on the screen on the little phone icon when you get a call, and you can send a message to the caller, or set a reminder for you to call them back right from the lock screen.
  • Newly designed number pad


  • 3G, bitches.
  • Works with Verizon and Sprint. AT+T will charge you extra.


  • Panoramic Photos! Available on the 4S and 5. Take a hi-res picture up to 28 megapixels.


  • Facebook Integration: Remember when they introduced Twitter integration? You can do that with Facebook now. Tweet or post to Facebook right from notification center with a ‘Tap To Tweet” or “Tap to Post” button.
  • Shared Photo Streams: Okay, this is cool. Now, you can share your entire photostream with friends and family also with iOS devices. Comment, like, share. Just for your close friends.
  • DO NOT DISTURB mode: Have your phone be completely functional, but not alert you when you have new notifications or calls for specific times of the day. You can set up exceptions, too.
  • Live home screen preview – Now see exactly what your new home screen is going to look like when setting a new wallpaper from within the settings app or the photos app.
  • iMessage – Your phone number and your email address are now unified. That makes me really really happy. ALL my iMessages coming to me in all places, no matter what address they’re sending it to.
  • email address. New members can choose bettween an email address and an email address. If you already have an email address, you also have the same address.
  • Colorful Status Bar – Status bar now matches the color of the top bar of the application. Example – the status bar is blue in skype.
  • NEW EMOJI ICONS. Yes, there are more.
  • Clock comes to iPad – Yay a clock app finally!

There’s everything worth knowing according to me. Check out for screenshots and more information.