Not Having A Car

It’s great. Really, I think it’s awesome that I don’t have to deal with owning a vehicle here in the city.

Over the summer when I was thinking about moving to college in Boston, I figured that not owning a vehicle would absolutely positively suck. I have found just the opposite. Owning a car in the city is absurd.

Let’s run some numbers.

Living in a suburb and driving into work every day is insanely expensive, yet thousands of commuters do it every day.

Let’s pick Newton, a popular suburb not too far from the city. If your car got 30MPG, you would spend around $5 on gas every day, which isn’t too bad. It’s when you get to the city and have to pay upwards of $20 to leave your car. Then there’s the trying to find a gas station, parking space, and that blasted car payment. It’s crazy.

Plus, here in Boston, we have this lovely thing called the train.

I don’t plan on owning a car until I have to do some serious grocery shopping, which won’t happen for a while.