The iPad Situation

So, I have very mixed feelings about what Apple is doing with the iPad right now. Particularly the hardware, I think the software is moving in the general right direction.

See, this year Apple announced a second version of the iPad known as the iPad Mini. Having played around with the device and held it in my hand, I can say that it’s a really great size. Something that can fit in an oversized pocket, and it’s not too awkward to be holding it while having a conversation with someone. I think the iPad Mini has great potential.

Where Apple went wrong in all of this is putting old hardware in their latest and greatest device! It has the screen (same resolution, just smaller) and processor (significantly slower) from two iPads ago. I have no idea what they were thinking! Apple really isn’t going to know how the market will respond to such a device until they make a decent product that can compare to the other devices they sell. This is the first new product that Apple has released with a screen larger than an iPod Nano without a Retina Display since the iPhone 4 (with the exception of the new iMacs, which are absolutely stunning by the way.)

This whole thought process started when I read an article on CNet (link) saying that the iPad Mini would become the new standard for Apple. As much as I love the new form factor, I think this is a mistake and will really confuse the consumer. If the iPad Mini becomes the iPad, then what does the iPad with Retina Display become? The iPad Maxi? It’s so confusing.

I’ve been an Apple customer and enthusiast my entire life, but since the departure of the great Steve Jobs, the company has suffered. Mapplegate, the release of the inadequate iPad Mini. Et Cetera.

I leave you with this quote by Mr. Steve Jobs:

“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad. ….7-Inch tablets are dead on arrival.”