Google Now for iPhone — The Saga Continues

The most interesting story this week, to me, is definitely the Apple vs Google battle over the Google Search App for iPhone.

Now, let’s be clear: Nobody uses the Google Search App for iPhone. Google fans use Chrome for iPhone, and that’s the end of the story. Google is attempting to create a reason for iPhone users to have a reason to use the Google Search App.

That reason? Google Now

Google now is a function available on select Android devices that shows you information that you want, before you search for it. Flight information on a travel day, the latest sports scores, etc. A place for everything.

Google and Apple had a little tiff today. Eric Schmidt, when speaking with the press, implied that the updated Google app had been submitted to Apple for approval to the App Store. Apple came back and made a statement that Google had NOT submitted an app for the approval process. It appears that Google was preemptively setting themselves up to be denied from the App Store (for some unknown reason). Now, the ball is back in Google’s court, and we’re waiting for a statement. I, for one, am paying close attention to this story as it is creating a tension between Apple and Google that is NOT GOOD for the end consumer.