Hello all!

This is a very busy time of the year for me every year. The theatre season is in full swing here in Boston, plenty to be working on. I write to you during my lunch break in the Cutler Majestic as I load in the New England Conservatory’s latest opera. Also at present, I am the assistant lighting designer on Emerson Stage’s production of “Fathers and Sons”, which is visually stunning. The set design really made it possible to do some innovative lighting design. We have full sunrise and sunset sequences complete with stars and a moon far off in the distance (rather, we hope to, that’s a work note).

This morning I also loaded in the set I Associate TD’d for a musical in the cabaret called “Next Thing You Know.” I don’t really know much about the show, but the set piece that Matthew and I built is an 8 foot long bar, so I presume there’ll be some drinking involved.

NewFest 2014 has also started rehearsals! I’m sound designing James Kennedy’s original production of “The Listener.” It’s an honor to be working on something brand new with such a talented group of people.

Counting down the days to spring break (26), when I get to go to Disneyland (you’re jealous).

Thanks for all the support everyone!