On Friday Night, I had the absolute pleasure of being at the happiest place on earth, and my favorite place to be, Disneyland. Disneyland Park has a fireworks display at 9:25 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

I was standing next to the statue of Walt and Mickey when the lights dimmed and the castle began to sparkle. Julie Andrews narrated as I began to cry. Yep. Me.

This show that Disneyland puts on is purely technical. There is only one actor or actress, and he or she plays the role of Tinker Bell on the wire. Every other moment in the show is created with light, pyrotechnics and sound. It’s absolutely amazing what sound and light can make one feel. Hearing sounds from my favorite disney attractions with the combination of perfectly timed fireworks is amazing, especially to be standing in the center of it all.

I’m a lighting designer because I want to make people feel like I felt during that show. The show wasn’t just spectacle, it was real storytelling.

It’s my dream to be a lighting designer for Disney. Disney Parks are the most magical places, and I love seeing happy people leave a show. Me, well, I was in tears. Both because I had to leave and go home, and that this show touched me. I can’t wait to go back.