EVVY Nominations

I am so honored to be nominated for two EVVY Awards this year. The Emerson College theatre community has SO MUCH talent and I’m so happy to be a part of it. I’m the only student here nominated in both the fields of lighting and sound for theatre.

I’m nominated for:

Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage – Unwrap Your Candy

Outstanding Sound Design for Stage – The Listener

I’m so grateful to have worked with such fantastic people to put on such great shows this year! Other shows that I worked on this year are up for awards too!

Unwrap Your Candy: Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage (Taylor Ness, Nick Hatcher), Outstanding Sound Design for Stage (Alex Lonati, Jake Catsaros), Outstanding Supporting Actor for Stage (Dylan McCollum), Outstanding Female Supporting Actor for Stage (Joeephine Cooper and Taylor Eden), Outstanding Director for Stage (Alex Lonati), Outstanding Costume Design for Stage (Kitty Lipski), Outstanding Theatrical Production.

The Listener: Outstanding Writing for the Stage (James Kennedy), Outstanding Sound Design for Stage (Taylor Ness)

Fathers and Sons: Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage (Joey Guthman, Amy Elliott)

Baltimore Waltz: Outstanding Costume Design for Stage (Rebecca Carr)

Let’s not forget I’m also assistant lighting designing the EVVY Awards themselves! It’s a pleasure to work with these amazing artists. Thanks to everyone.