USITT Conference and Expo 2015


This past few days, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of attending the 55th Annual USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) Conference and Expo in Cincinnati, OH. I had an amazing time and met so many new people, I’m still overwhelmed! I had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals working as lighting designers, master electricians, programmers and more. I also had the opportunity to talk with representatives from the largest theatrical technology companies in the world like ETC, GrandMA, Rosco, Lee Filters, and more.

While I was there, 5 fellow Emerson students and I had the opportunity to participate in the annual tradition of the Tech Olympics, a much loved USITT Expo Event. Our team, comprised of 3 stage managers, a scenic designer, a technical director, and myself placed first in the overall games. I placed first in the lighting focus event, where one is required to do the following: Read hang card, hang instrument with appropriate color in correct position, cable the light, and focus it to a specific shape on the wall in front of you. I finished this task in one minute and twenty seconds!

The USITT Expo is an incredible opportunity for industry professionals to meet with stagehands, students, and theatre technologists from all walks of life from around the world. I had an amazing experience this year in Cincinnati, and I’m going to attempt to go to many more conferences!

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