Some Stuff Brynna Has Said


The Ceremonial Brynna Bloomfield Quotebook:

“You can’t write that well on acid, not that I would know.”

“She knows about BOMBS and laundry, the perfect Mom.”

“Just pay me money, it is way better than an apology.”

“Draw whatever the FUCK you want.”

“I don’t need rubber cement, I lived through the 80s”

“There’s something so wrong with nudists on bicycles.”

“You wanna make anything look disgusting, put it in a White Castle.”

“If it’s someone else’s black canvas and it’s been done before… I’ll throw an egg @ it.”

“Why didn’t we just drop a bunch of shoes on Iraq?”

“I’m a professional Jew.”

I hope Sarah Palin gets pregnant with quintuplets.”

“Can I give you a lecture on cheating?”

“She is a shameless slut.” (Her niece)

“Oh the old days when a nickel of pot only cost a nickel.”

“It would be nice if they ended up homeless on a corner.” (Debate Kids)

“Yes, I had a mowhawk.”

“I have inseminated turkeys, and you’re impressed by this?”


Quotes: Brynna Bloomfield

Idea: Taylor Ness

Written By: Erin Potter

Drawn By: Lindsay Coda

First Written By: John Van…something or other

Thanks for everything!



“blood is my favorite”

“hand drafting is sexy”

“phobia’s are so adorable”

“tough titties”

“I don’t get why people go to war, we could just put speakers on the bottom of airplanes and fly over the countries while playing the Barney theme song, it has the same effect”

“don’t take the brown acid, it’s not necessarily good”

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